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Virtuoso Active And Specialty Travel

Active Adventures and Extraordinary Experiences

Virtuoso’s active and specialty travel partners deliver to you the world’s most captivating destinations and intriguing cultures.

Imagine a view from the edge of Greenland’s ice sheet or from atop the “Roof of the World” while trekking through the Himalayas. Embark on adventures in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, or South Africa to start, cruise the Mekong River, bike through Spain, discover America’s national parks, or photograph the stark beauty in Antarctica, all in exquisite comfort. Continue reading

Virtuoso Active & Experiential Travel

Travel Authentically
Virtuoso’s handpicked collection of active and specialty travel partners offer extraordinary explorations and cultural experiences around the world that both enrich and exhilarate while helping to support sustainable tourism.

Take advantage of our personal relationships with these partners to create your next intriguing journey. We can secure special amenities for you, including exclusive upgrades, insider access, and VIP treatment you can’t get on your own.

Adventure Travel From A to Z
Your guide to the world’s best active, outdoor, and experiential vacations.

Travel Matters
Why Sustainable Tourism is more important than ever

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